The Buyer"s Perception of a Listing

Dated: 06/23/2012

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When a person lists their property after living there for years and years at a time, it is evident that a lot of work has gone into the property and therefore a lot of sentimental value is attached with it.

According to a columnist at it is important to remember that to a potential buyer your home is just another stop on their search. In a seller's mind there is no doubt that their property is an amazing place to live, but thinking that your home being on the market is an opportunity for anyone who considers making it their own, is the wrong approach.

Do not make it difficult for your buyer to buy and the agent to sell.

1) Be reasonable when it comes to incoming offers. Just because the offer is not what you think your home is worth does not mean it is insulting. It actually might be right on market value and with a buyer's market upon us the buyer will usually win the battle. 

2) Do not demand ridiculous contingencies such as excessive option fees or demand take things that do not convey as a fixture. This is a great way to scare off your buyer from ever starting the process.  

3) Allow your agent to show the house to potential buyers because it is not very wise to be home when the listing agent or cooperating agents are showing the property. You might not like what the buyer has to say about your choice of carpet or cabinetry.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, the real value of your home is what someone else is willing to pay for it.  

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