What Can You Do To Sell Your House In El Paso Texas

Dated: 01/23/2014

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All home sellers want their house to sell fast and for the most amount of money possible, however before you set your house up for success in the market, you must first go through careful planning and following a little professional advice.  The ten things you have to do are: 

1)Make the mental decision, make sure that you detach your self from your HOME, and start thinking of it as a HOUSE, because as offers come in you have to be objective, and push away all of your sentiments towards your HOUSE.
2)Remove your self from the house, take down all of the family portraits, wedding pictures, vacation photos and the kids artwork from the fridge, you want buyers to be able to see them selves in the house. 
3)Purge, make sure you clean out the old closet, the garage, go back to essentials, if you don’t need it someone else might so donate it or have a garage sale.
4)Let your OCD take over, resort all of the closets, make sure that shirts are with shirts, pants with pants, shoes aligned. Especially in the kitchen make sure the dishes are always clean and neatly stacked, you want buyers to be able to see a show room house, and get some perspective on the sizes of everything. 
5)Rent a storage unit, usually a POD or two will do, especially since now they drop it off at your current residence, and later deliver it to your new place. That way you don’t have to make too many trips, and everything is packed as you like it. 
6)Remove all of your favorite knick knacks, that baseball cap you bought on vacation, as well as anything you plan on taking with you that wedding gift mirror you love or the hand me down chandelier that hung at grandma’s
7)Make Minor repairs, replace that leaky faucet, touch up the paint in the living room, finally get rid of those weeds on the side of the house you have been putting off, but remember to invest little, after all you are looking at a product, no longer your home. 
8)Keep it neat, wash all windows, floors, and make sure nothing is covered in dust you might even want to wash carpets. Remember a small investment now may mean a huge return once you sell. 
9)Check your cub appeal, once all is done, put your self in the buyer’s shoes, walk up to your home, look for things that might come to their attention, straighten everything out, change that porch light bulb that went out recently. 
10)Get Professional help, no matter how much you think you know, and no matter how much you have read up on the subject it is important to have a professional at hand, consult a REALTOR, they have all of the demographic tools available as well as knowledge and know how about your city to be able to give you an educated opinion as to how to market your house, as well as negotiating tricks, not to mention that you will have a facilitator at hand keeping everything as objective as possible.
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